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Refugees for Brockville is entered 2019 with a new Strategic Mandate that is informed by social justice. RFB believes that with a social justice mandate, we can achieve more and fulfill our role as both an umbrella organization that supports the sponsorship or refugees, but also as community facilitators of welcome, settlement, and inclusion. RFB must engage in practices that are openly inclusive, socially just, diverse, accessible, critically aware/conscious, community-focused, and creatively proactive and expressive in order to participate in democratic action that results in change for this community. This means exposing inequalities where they exist at a local level and connecting these realities to larger more systemic inequalities that exist for all Canadians in our evermore interconnected world.


Refugees for Brockville’s 2018 to 2020 goals are as therefore as follows:

  • To continue creating learning opportunities to build community capacity around inclusion and equip community members along with sponsors with the methods, tools, and responses to engage in real inclusion practices in daily life.

  • Lobby local, provincial, and federal governments by mobilizing our over 700-person strong Facebook group membership, as well as local sponsors, municipal supporters, and non-profit allies to act on causes for social justice that impact immigrants, refugees, and migrants.

  • Speak out for social justice/against injustice as relates to all newcomers and facilitate opportunities for community-building on a greater scale.


We continue to be in awe of the support and generosity of Brockville, which is a community full of individuals whose first question is always, how can I help? The list of who has assisted these new Canadians by donating their time, money, material goods, and prayers is far too long to transcribe here.


Refugees for Brockville instead wants to thank the whole of Brockville for being a welcoming community and to extend this thanks to each and every person who has done anything, big or “small.”


We look forward to continuing to serve the whole community and to working with all Brockvillians, both “old” and new, to create a beautifully diverse, inclusive, and prosperous community for all.




Dr. Jacqueline Schoemaker Holmes,Chair

Refugees for Brockville

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